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Debs M.� Review provided by cclonline.comJanuary 18, 2021
Good processor. Easy to install. Comes included with a RGB wraith cooler. Regarding the cooler, it has a cable attached which is for attaching to a fan header and ONLY controls the fan speed. For RGB it's easy to miss the included RGB controller cables which are sellotaped to the underside of the plastic housing the cooler is in. There should be two cables, one for plugging into an RGB header on the motherboard, the other for plugging into a USB 2 header. The other small ends plug into separate sockets on the side of the fan which are capped with two small rubber grommets which you will need to remove. Best to do this next bit before attaching to the CPU as it is very fiddly and access will be restricted once you have installed it, (by the graphics card) Each RGB cable has it's own dedicated socket. For full control of the RGB (The fan has 3 zones -/fan/ring/logo) you need to use the USB one and DO NOT plug both in (it's one or the other, if you plug both in it defaults to the RGB header one). For full (USB) control, you will also need to download the software which is available from Cooler Master. If you use the RGB header you can only use the motherboard software to control the fan colour. The ring and logo will just cycle through different colours. Hope this helps.
Nice box, better FPS but...
Roger C.� Review provided by neweggbusiness.comAugust 4, 2021
I spent the whole on the Web and, so many people are reporting the exact same problem with ho solution to be found on any forum, this CPU is always running at boost frequency ( above 4 000 MHz ) whatever we try! Like all others I updated BIOS, chipset driver and I am on Windows Balanced power plan ( normal use, recommended ) but there is no way to get this CPU to entre idle frequency, which should be about 2 300 MHz. Many of those affected with this problem contacted AMD support but they never got any help there. Now, I have a good CPU cooler and my temps remain in the 40's bur the lifespan of this CPU will most probably be shortened by the fact that it can never rest. And the same for my cooler, which runs now at 1 150 RPM min. all the time VS 900 with my Ryzen 7 1700X. Disappointed, really disappointed! Important update: I finally discovered that CPU-Z is just not reporting correctly clocks... This CPU is really performant but boot time is longer than with my old 1700X. It works now fine, I keep it but it's not perfect. One last thing it has a TDP of 65 watts and it runs hotter than my 1700X - which had 90 watts TDP. Not way hotter ( and I have a good cooler ) but hotter.
Upgrade Worthy
Anonymous� Review provided by newegg.comJuly 30, 2020
Summary: It's fast, modern, smooth, worth the upgrade from any 4-core CPU and YES it is a night and day difference. I have this paired with 16GB Ram and an RTX 2060 Super. Temperatures are completely fine if you have good air flow. Wall of Words: I switched over from an overclocked i5 6600k intel processor with 4 cores @ 4.2 speeds (so my fan made less noise than 4.5). In many games or activities I found my CPU being hogged by everything with 100% usage, FPS drops, stutters, etc. With the addition of more Cores and Hyperthreading my games have never been smoother (less FPS drops, stuttering, etc.) . Still testing games and their performance now but the recent games I've been playing have had quite the difference in FPS. Everything is judged by the previous CPU being at a 4.2 overclock and the new cpu is at stock speeds. [Performance] I don't even joke when I say I get about a 10-25 FPS boost in my games now, some areas are close to the same performance at stock speeds while others are 20-25 FPS higher on average. Red Dead Redemption 2 feels incredibly smooth now in comparison to my last cpu going from the 40-50 range to 60-70 range in the open field with High/Ultra settings and in town at night time (Saint Denis) when all the lights are turned on I was around 25-32 FPS and now I'm in the 50s and I feel no hiccups. I did turn up my lighting and shadows to ultra from high since I didn't see why not with the new cpu. Monster Hunter World is around the same with the approximate range of +20 FPS and doesn't seem to dip in performance when I'm in the heat of battle or near demanding areas in the open world. A much better experience playing. Assassins Creed Odyssey I don't have an active FPS displaying while playing but I checked the in-game FPS monitor in the menu. The performance gain is around the same again but the big difference is I'm going from a medium/high setting to full Ultra and feels fantastic but towns big enough can still put me in the 40s only it still feels quite solid. If you know anything a bout AC games they are extremely heavy on the CPU. So in other words I'm getting a huge boost in performance here. [Temperature] I had a cooler master hyper 212 evo for my previous CPU cooler and was reaching an average of 59C in demanding games while this cpu runs at about 69C in games with the stock cooler. Completely acceptable but actually runs up to 74C when running other tasks that don't involve gaming sometimes. The Idle temperatures are no issue at all and sits at 36C if I'm doing nothing. Current Case I'm using with no extra fans is the Fractal Design Meshify S2
Solid CPU
Anonymous� Review provided by neweggbusiness.comMay 19, 2020
This was an upgrade from an old intel i7 4c/8t at around the same speeds I’ve had for years that I built for use in 3D modeling, and could also game. I went with the 3700 because while I feel the 3600 is great for gaming, I wanted a little more power for 3D work. I can’t speak to the effectiveness personally of the stock heatsink, but based on others experiences it runs well and can save you some cash to spend elsewhere in your build. Which is always nice considering I just toss intel stock fans into the trash as soon as I get them. Anyways this new cpu in an Asus X570-I with 32GB 3600Hz RAM inside a NZXT H1 is performing like a champ. I’m seeing nearly double/triple render time improvements in my 3D workloads, and benchmarks. (Blender BMV test, Cinebench r20, Maya) As for gaming I got a 2060 super from a friend who was upgrading their GPU. I’m certain it is probably bottlenecking my performance, but compared to the card it replaced a GTX690 I’m seeing over 250% improvement across benchmarks @1080p and over 200% @1440p (Heaven, Superposition, Firestrike, Time Spy) but I’m getting sidetracked. Coming from Intel or maybe I just never noticed then, but this chip naturally behaves differently than I’m used to. You’ll see temp spikes like every few seconds at idle, and your knee jerk reaction will be you messed up your thermal paste or need better cooling. Don’t start losing your mind over it. It seems like this is normal, and it doesn’t seem to have affected the performance in the slightest. These spikes drop back down within seconds. My cpu sits at 61 to 63 in games and workloads on the NZXT H1’s 140mm radiator, which I think is a little toasty for a water cooling solution, but it seems perfectly stable at those temps and doesn’t go above that even under a sustained load over 30 minutes. It is a solid chip for those who want a little extra power for their workloads without shelling out too much extra money. If you’re just gaming though go get a 3600 and use the extra cash on your GPU budget. Better use of your money.
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