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Superb Upgrade(s) to old desktop system
Ray N� Review provided by Micro CenterApril 14, 2022
Purchased this processor along with a new ASUS Tuf Gaming B550 Plus Wi FI MB, 32GB G Skill Ripjaws V32GB RAM, (and SATA DVD +/-rw) to upgrade an ATHLON II based machine. combine equipment to bring desktop up to today's standards. MB has many performance features, simple BIOS upgrades, and large RAM capacity. Processor is very fast, and has the ability to overclock, which I may pursue in the future, but do not need at the moment. Processor also comes with a standard cooler, which manages standard processing temperatures with minimum work. No performance or temp issues are noted at all. RAM is also very stable and able to overclock. very nice upgrade to 12 year old desktop computer, which now runs flawlessly. included drivers are latest, and all company web sites provide very good update support (including AMD monitor, which will compare current drivers with latest releases and update as needed. Note: I built my current machine in 2010, which included DDRII, dual core, and existing IDE DVD burner. Updated to 600 watt PS and SSD in last few years, and very happy that I am able to continue with customizing my machine, which is much more stable and sure than the prebuilt machines offered in the big-box stores. Very happy with all performance.
Great performance for the pric
Daniel� Review provided by bhphotovideo.comFebruary 22, 2022
My company recently implemented new security policies on our workstations which effectively removed all administrative privileges from our user accounts. To do anything that requires administrative privileges, even installing/updating software, we have to contact an admin to remote into our computers and enter their credentials. As an electrical engineer I have a lot of software that I use for various work related reasons. Finding this new policy as a hindrance on my ability to do my work efficiently, I decided to update my ~8 year old PC and do my work on my own equipment. Coming from a third generation i5 processor, the difference is night and day. I did find that the stock cooler was not cooling as well as I would like, even without overclocking. So I did upgrade to a larger and more efficient cooler and my idle temps are below 40C, and jump between 50C and 60C under heavy load. My previous setup was water cooled but it is a pain to setup and maintain so for now I'm just keeping it simple with air cooling. I would have spent a bit more and purchased a processor with a higher core count but I have heard that AMD will be coming out with a new processor series with the AM5 socket, so I didn't want to invest too highly on this AM4 processor. This processor was my middle ground and so far I am very happy with it!
This thing is a beast! Best price : performance ratio maybe ever!
guitarstar309� Review provided by ebay.comDecember 14, 2021
I recently bought a Steam Valve Index VR setup and started using it on my home theater PC (i7-6700 on an MSI Pro Carbon mobo with 16 gigs of ram and a GTX1080 GPU). I found that after running some games like Arizona Sunshine or Time Carnage VR, the CPU would spike up to 98-100% on all cores while the GPU was maxing out at about 45%. I decided to rebuild the computer using this CPU, an ASRock B550 Taichi, and 32 gigs of ram. I kept the GPU since a graphics card will pretty much cost you an organ these days, and the 1080 is still a strong performer. The 5600X is about 700 mhz faster than the 6700, has 2 additional cores and 4 more threads, a much newer architecture, and it made short work of load times! In addition to that, all cores peak at about 88%, and the GPU is now showing about 55% usage. 5600X and 6700 are both 65W chips, but it's amazing what 4 or 5 years newer tech gets you! In the AMD lineup, for gaming, the 5600X is it. The 5800X is much more expensive for only modest gains (content creation tasks aside), and the 5900X or 5950X are waaaaay more expensive and very much aimed towards content creators. The 5600X is probably the very best price:performance deal in computer chips in a very long time!
The current gaming GPU.
Robert S.� Review provided by newegg.comApril 18, 2022
If you want to game, buy this. The early teething issues with DDR4 seem to largely be dealt with, and the performance is good. I'd generally start with basic questions of value and performance....but this thing needs no introduction. It's got performance, is dead simple to setup, and for the better or worse it's largely free from requiring tweaking. While this is frustrating when one looks back into the past (still love Sandy Bridge), it's also entirely reasonable for a gaming machine to just work out of the box. I love them. It's not got the quirks of the 1xxx series. It's not an intermediary step like the 2xxx series. It's not almost there like the 3xxx series. It's not an amalgam that requires new software like the 12xxx series from team blue. It's not a gigantic shuffling forward like everything from 8xxx-11xxx from team blue. It's just genuinely good. To those who do like to can. I loved it with Sandy Bridge. I've since grown to appreciate not slapping a water cooler on. The 5600x is more than capable of keeping cool with even a moderate air cooler...and you can save all that money to plow into a GPU that will make this thing fly.
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