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The current gaming GPU.
Robert S.� Review provided by newegg.comApril 18, 2022
If you want to game, buy this. The early teething issues with DDR4 seem to largely be dealt with, and the performance is good. I'd generally start with basic questions of value and performance....but this thing needs no introduction. It's got performance, is dead simple to setup, and for the better or worse it's largely free from requiring tweaking. While this is frustrating when one looks back into the past (still love Sandy Bridge), it's also entirely reasonable for a gaming machine to just work out of the box. I love them. It's not got the quirks of the 1xxx series. It's not an intermediary step like the 2xxx series. It's not almost there like the 3xxx series. It's not an amalgam that requires new software like the 12xxx series from team blue. It's not a gigantic shuffling forward like everything from 8xxx-11xxx from team blue. It's just genuinely good. To those who do like to can. I loved it with Sandy Bridge. I've since grown to appreciate not slapping a water cooler on. The 5600x is more than capable of keeping cool with even a moderate air cooler...and you can save all that money to plow into a GPU that will make this thing fly.
Fantastic performance, but the 5600 is a better value
Colin� Review provided by Micro CenterJune 4, 2022
Coming from a Ryzen 3 1300x, this is a massive boost in performance. Very snappy (though that may be partially due to Gen 4 SSDs) and handles any task I can throw at it. As a challenge (mistake) I ran a Python script that opened over 100 Firefox tabs, but this thing survived with only a few seconds of lag. I don't know how the stock cooler performs for this chip, as I replaced it with a Hyper 212 Black Edition. That has proved to be more than capable, with the 5600x only hitting ~60 C under load. Read: there's plenty of overclocking room for this chip. However. Consider buying the 5600 non-x instead. The only real difference is the base clock, but the performance is nearly identical in most real-world cases. I would recommend that you save your money and do that. If you see a reason to go with the 5600x, know it's still a great chip but saving your money is probably a better idea. I only have a 5600x instead of a 5600 because of a sale. As GamersNexus said: "$30 for a letter."
Solid performing processor, affordable,
Nick97� Review provided by bestbuy.comJuly 20, 2022
If you are looking for a powerful desktop, workstation or gaming processor that is also affordable....this processor covers it all. I selected this processor for my sons custom gaming build and was not disappointed. I have the 5800x in my custom system and have been throughly impressed with the new chipsets from AMD. My selection was heavily influenced by some of my favorite online tech reviewers and needless to say they were spot on. We decided to watercool his with a custom AIO setup, it does however come with a AMD air-cooler. I can not tell you how well the air-cooler works as it was never installed or used. His system holds at 55-65� C max with all 6 cores running at full speed running benchmarks, gaming for multiple hours or performing heavy tasks. That is a little over half of what the CPU's thermal throttle is. I would highly recommend this CPU for a work/school, budget productivity or gaming setup.
I have to buy a second one
Blair T� Review provided by Micro CenterMay 27, 2022
The x370 motherboard I used in my mom's build finally received the bios update to support the ryzen 5000 series, so i picked this up to upgrade her system from the ryzen 7 1700 thats currently installed. We'll I made the mistake of installing this on my crosshair 8 impact just to see what stepping it was. It turned out the be a B2, so being very familiar with B0 stepping zen 3 cpus, I decided to see how well this one overclocks. Well, it turns out that the particular 5600x I received will happily run cinebench r23 all day with a 4.9ghz all-core overclock at 1.275v with a noctua nh-u12a cooler. I have to say that the cores are quite exceptional with this particular sample. The memory controller though is quite average with my max achievable speed being ddr4 3733 with a dual rank kit of b-die. Im seriously considering keeping this particular sample for some sub-ambient shenanigans and picking up a second for my mom's system. I probably shouldnt bin that one this time lol xD
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