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Antique Mirrors

Class & sophistication in design is widely loved by the modern-day design enthusiasts. The homeowners crave for such a design idea which can inject a touch of class into their contemporary interior design. Antique Mirrors are traditionally famous in the ever-evolving world of design & are renowned for their enhanced classiness & exclusivity.

Antique Mirror Specifications

Shapes Square, Round, Triangle, Arch, Octagon, Custom
Type Antique Mirror
Thickness 1/4"
Edge Work Pencil Polished, Beveled, Flat Polished

Antique Mirrors For Bathroom

The majority of the best bathroom design ideas follow a mixed approach of conventional & contemporary scheme. The exquisite Antique Mirror is one of the best items which can easily blend smoothly with the minimalistic design concepts of today’s world and homeowners tend to enjoy the augmented sense of luxury & extravagance. The selection of right Antique Mirror Glass holds vital importance & one needs to select such a glass which help enhance the elegance & daintiness of these sophisticated mirrors.

Antique Mirrors For Bathroom
Vintage Mirrors For Vanity

Vintage Mirrors For Vanity

The incredible design flexibility of these traditionalistic vintage mirrors provides the homeowners an ease with a luxury to adopt a variety of unique design ideas. Antique Mirror Frames attached alongside amazing dressers and provide the living space design versatility & enhanced user accessibility. The state-of-the-art frame designs provide modern day interior décor enthusiasts. an amazing range of design ideas for setting up sensational vintage Mirror Walls. These exquisite antique vanities are used widely in living rooms & bedrooms and help to resonate a sense of class & sophistication.

Antique Mirrors For Living Room

Living rooms are the perfect place for showcasing the amazing range of exquisite design ideas and also the ideal places for placing the antique mirror glass. The incredible collection of vintage mirror frames available at Fab Glass & Mirrors provides the homeowner luxury to practice ingenious design ideas of today & tomorrow. The traditionalistic design of such mirrors perfectly complements the ambiance of living space and resonate an incredible sense of elegance & design brilliance.

Antique Mirrors For Living Room
Antique Mirror Backsplash

Antique Mirror Backsplash

The world of contemporary design follows unique & trendy interior design concepts which fascinate & mesmerize the hearts & minds of the design enthusiasts. Antiqued mirror tiles & antique mirror glass walls are two of the most popular design concepts ideal for small & large-spaced rooms & kitchen. They bring the aesthetic brilliance of such design concepts and have also managed to find its way to corporate workplaces which require a design idea that promotes creativity & effectively increases productivity.

Buying Antique Mirror Glass Online

Fab Glass & Mirrors offers a range of incredible collections of high-quality antique mirrors glass available at a remarkably discounted price. The custom-cut mirrors can easily fit into the varying size rooms & living spaces in a seemingly elegant manner. Now you can pull your modern look together effortlessly, so just select the style and size of antiqued mirror panels of your choice and get it shipped free at your doorstep. The homeowners are always in the quest for finding the most fashionable mirror to renovate & restyle their houses & living areas. Besides this, there is also a wide variety of contemporary & traditionalistic style frames available online. Each shape & style of large antique mirror frames tells a unique story of its own and contributes to the enhancement of the overall aesthetic of the living spaces.

Buying Antique Mirror Glass Online
Buying Antique Mirror Glass Online
Buying Antique Mirror Glass Online

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