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New and old videos will not play My videos at http://alanandtheforest.blogspot.com/ will not play. The recent one I uploaded says "Vi… How can I embed YouTube 'shorts' in my blog I can add videos through copying the YouTube link fine, but any YouTube classes as a 'short' (Less t… Favicon doesn't show I have successfully uploaded my favicon to blogger but it never shows in the browser. Any idea what … Photos uploaded without permission Hello, I recently found photos on blogger of myself that were not uploaded by me. How can I request … When I try to enter pictures in the blog paragraphs of data show up. What do I do? I tried my I pad instead of computer and it still happened. Photos jump around I use my blog to display my artwork. Every time I add a new photo, there's no telling where it will …
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Image adding problem in blogger post Hello blogger community, Nothing to add images in blogger post. Help me please. Most of my Google photos are no longer available for posting When I tried to draft a post on my blog for the first time in a few weeks, the vast majority of my G… Not all photos from photos.google.com can be added to blogger post When I try to add images from photos.google.com to my post - only some of them are available. For ex… Photos not appearing Hello! I am trying to insert photos from google photos and their are missing a lot of them, and I am… I want to remove photos on my blog, kindly remove all photos in search results of Google http://themagicianpinakpataskar.blogspot.com/2016/01/ Can't access google Photos to upload to my blog. Up until 3 weeks ago, I was able to access my pictures from my google photos to my blog. I've been a…
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