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Advertisers: Do you want your ads to appear visually cleaner while still maintaining tagline compliance?

Get rid of those messy taglines that take up valuable ad real estate & take away from your careful messaging. Instead, use our Political Ad Program’s purple icon!

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Get rid of those ugly taglines that take up valuable ad space, and gain new insights with our advanced reporting features!

Hover your mouse over (or tap on) the icon and phrase in the banner above to view the experience provided by our program.



About the Political Ads Icon

The DAAC’s Political Ads Program is designed to increase transparency for political advertising online.

The Political Ads Icon serves as an immediate, simple, and intuitive tool for people to get information about the political ads they’re seeing.

With the required tagline information “behind” the ad, a click or tap away, your ads will look cleaner and easier to read.

An image of the type of reporting available through the program. Impressions can be mapped against provincial or federal ridings.

An image of the type of reporting available through the program. Impressions can be mapped against provincial or federal ridings visually, as above. Reporting also includes spreadsheets of the data split out by ridings.



Register for the Program

The Political Ads Program works for federal and provincial elections, including by-election advertising.

Political parties, candidates, issue-based advertisers, and their agency partners or vendors are encouraged to register to join the self-regulatory program to provide greater online ad transparency to the public.

To register for the program, please fill out the form below.

Getting Started Live Webinars

Please join us for one of our upcoming live online webinars. It’s a great opportunity to learn more and ask questions to see how easy it is to use our self-regulatory program.

The Political Ads Program components are discussed at length, including the in-ad transparency tool that is included as part of program participation.

To schedule a private webinar for yourself or your team please contact us directly.



About the DAAC

The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) is a not-for-profit consortium of seven marketing and advertising trade associations. It is responsible for administering the AdChoices ( self-regulatory program in Canada, which has expanded to the political advertising sector (the Political Ads Program).

The DAAC offers a standardized way for political advertisers to inform users about who is delivering the ad to them through the Political Ads Program.