DAAC Principles for Online Interest-Based Advertising

The Canadian self-regulatory principles for online behavioural advertising (also known as the AdChoices program principles) were developed by the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC), in conjunction with other global programs, to apply consumer-friendly standards to online interest-based advertising across the web.

The principles are designed to preserve the innovative and robust advertising ecosystem that supports the vast array of online content in Canada, and the ability to deliver relevant advertising to consumers, in a manner consistent with applicable Canadian privacy laws.


The Principles


Participate in efforts to educate about online interest-based advertising.

Notice & Transparency

Clear, meaningful, and prominent notice should be given to consumers about data collection and use practices associated with online interest-based advertising.

Consumer Control

Provide consumers with an ability to choose whether data is collected and used for online interest-based advertising purposes.

Data Security

Provide appropriate security for, and limited retention of, data collected and used for online interest-based advertising purposes.

Sensitive Data

Do not collect personal information for interest-based advertising purposes from children under the age of 13 or from sites directed to children under the age of 13, unless such collection and other treatment of personal information is in accordance with Canadian privacy legislation.

Entities are also prohibited from collecting or using sensitive personal information for interest-based advertising purposes without consent.


Under the Accountability principle, Ad Standards, an independent advertising self-regulatory body, monitors companies participating in the AdChoices self-regulatory program for compliance with these principles, and works cooperatively with them to effect compliance. Ad Standards also accepts and responds to complaints about practices that may not comply with the principles.

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Your Responsibilities

The Principles include separate provisions for First Parties, Third Parties and Service Providers that engage in interest-based advertising. Therefore, different principles and different types of notice and choice may be applicable to each type of company and activity. Additionally, a company may be one or more of these entities depending on their business practices.

The DAAC recommends reviewing each type of entity’s responsibilities to determine how best to execute the program within your organization.