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Agenda for the NAI Meetup @ Brand Safety Week!

On November 3, 2022, at One Liberty Plaza in New York From 1:30 – 4:00pm ET Join privacy experts from leading platforms, data companies, brands, and agencies for lively discussions

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Takeaways For Digital Advertising Businesses from the FTC Staff Report on Dark Patterns

By Ryan Smith ([email protected]) On September 15, 2022, the FTC released a staff report (“Staff Report”)1 on dark patterns, based in part on a 2021 workshop for which the Network

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Privacy-Focused Ad Industry Leaders to Convene at NAI Meetup @ Brand Safety Week

How digital advertising companies maneuver the ever-changing regulatory landscape for privacy and digital advertising is becoming more difficult – even as companies’ commitment to consumer privacy as a brand value

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Press Releases

NAI Calls on FTC to Integrate Strong Self-Regulation into Privacy Rules

FTC has a long history of alignment with industry self-regulation WASHINGTON, DC (November 22, 2022) – The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), an organization representing more than 100 ad-tech companies committed

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NAI Praises Goals of FTC Staff Report on Dark Patterns

NAI Released Report on Dark Patterns in May WASHINGTON, DC (September 16, 2022) – The Network Advertising Initiative today released the following statement by President and CEO Leigh Freund in

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FTC Proposed Rulemaking Should Avoid Bias and Recognize the Value of Data-Driven Advertising

WASHINGTON, DC (September 7, 2022) – The Network Advertising Initiative today released the following statement by Vice President for Policy David LeDuc in advance of the FTC’s Commercial Surveillance and

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Public Policy

NAI Submits Comments To The FTC ANPR

We want to thank the Federal Trade Commission for the opportunity to comment on the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“ANPR”) for a Trade Regulation on Commercial Surveillance and Data

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NAI Comments on The Modified Proposed CPRA Regulations

The Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on the proposed modified regulations under the California Privacy Rights Act(“CPRA”).

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NAI Comments on CPA Proposed Draft Rules

On behalf of the Network Advertising Initiative, thank you for the opportunity to providepreliminary comments on proposed rulemaking under the Colorado Privacy Act.

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